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I have always had a passion for helping others, but never went into teaching. I was a very involved student in high school from student council, debate, writing for the newspaper, and a peer mediator to name a few. I have seen how important it was to gain those skills early on and have been able to apply them through my daily life. [/content_band] [clear] [pullquote cite=”Carol, Fort Worth, TX on 8/30/15″ type=”left”]”Kandace’s tutoring approach is analytical and practical, sympathetic, personal and sincerely encouraging”[/pullquote] “Before our first meeting I was feeling a bit intimidated by Kandace’s public speaking credentials and experience. How could anyone with her background even begin to understand my pure, unadulterated terror of speaking to large groups of people? But within a few moments of sitting down with her, Kandace was probing reasons for my fears, asking about past experiences in front of audiences, and establishing the kinds of public speaking situations I needed to prepare for. There was no doubt of both her serious empathy as well as her confidence that together we were going to do this. We’ve actually mapped out an organized preparation plan for my presentation schedule this fall and winter. Before Kandace I couldn’t even bear to think about them. Kandace’s tutoring approach is analytical and practical, sympathetic, personal and sincerely encouraging. I’m so very grateful for her time, interest and good help.”

If you want to know more about what it takes to be a public speaker or you are looking to hone your public speaking skills, go ahead and send me a message using the form to the right. Let’s connect soon!

K Joi

Public Speaking