My Past Shook Hands with my Future

My past shook hands with my future. As it bid my future farewell and locked the last chapter down. Allow this to happen in your life so you can be the result and success story of all the things your past agreed to lock away in the prior chapter.

I was listening to the radio the other day and heard Eminem’s song “Guts Over Fear”. This song really hit home for me. I have watched his story and heard so much, but still feel he is underrated in the rap game. I love the lyrics because it is relatable to most. He admits his faults in his past, his fears, and how he overcame them. Most of us struggle with accepting what has occurred in our past based on the choices we made. His title is so fitting and the lyrics are touching. I felt that he was just being 100% transparent in the song and sharing that he hopes it will help someone else. Many of us hide behind the fear of what has occurred in our past and others finding out, so we are not able to allow our past to stay where it should be. I speak from personal experience. I too have had issues with accepting my failures in life, where I am right now in life, and just letting go of what you can’t change. It is odd for me to say that but I have gotten to a point where I can be thankful for what I have been through as God revealed one day after speaking to someone I hardly knew and shared some of my story I was ashamed of with; that it is all falling into line. I recall after that incident just being filled with emotion as it was one of the first times discussing something that I had held in for some time due to not knowing peoples reaction.

After a broken engagement and questioning if I would even want to be married and have children, I questioned all events that took place with that. I was embarrassed to walk away from someone I trusted my heart with and saw a future with. However, the embarrassment came from within. I think I was harder on myself than anyone else was. I believed I had failed my parents by allowing a man into our lives and my family that was not going to be family now. After money was wasted, emotions were drained after trying to save the relationship, and accepting that something’s just aren’t meant to be. I found myself a little lost. So much came into question after this situation. It took me a few years to get back to the point of seeing or envisioning even wanting to be married again and have children. I believe it took me time to forgive myself and wondering if I left too soon. I had prayed and asked God not to allow me to walk down the aisle if he was not the one. I will say, don’t ask God for things if you aren’t sure if you want the answer. It shortly became clear that we weren’t the other ones soul mate and only became more real in a dream. I had a dream while engaged that I was getting married and I could not find my father. In the midst of searching for him hysterically and no one advising me where he was and why I only had a photo of him at the ceremony… it was because when that day is to come he wouldn’t be there. My father is now deceased and will not be able to see that day for me and that special guy. I urge you to deal with past issues from relationships and admit to yourself that there were some good and bad times. However, take the lessons learned and make sure before moving forward that you are open to meeting someone and being with someone without interference of your feelings for the last guy/gal or concerns for the same issues you two experienced.

Accepting the fact that one of my largest battles has been weight control has been rough over the last 10 years. It has seemed that no matter how many times I start to get back on track, it is just never completed. When you have picked up weight over the last number of years and you see the difference in how people treat you based on it, it definitely opens your eyes to what your future can hold or be blocked from due to it. I have had guys tell me that I am nice looking and that with losing some weight I could be really be something more. Of course with them not knowing that I used to be in shape with no tummy. However, you just learn that those people are not for you. Due to that over the years, I have struggled with so many things due to noticing the difference in how men will even treat you with more weight on you. I have seen men discount me due to my body not being in shape for women that had a body, but were thirsty versus really wanting to deal with that person based on who they are. Why is this? I have seen and heard men discount women doing things or lack of doing things based on the look that one brings with them. I don’t think there is an issue with having a preference, but I do think there is an issue with blocking yourself from getting to know people that maybe just as worthy based on weight that can be lost or without you knowing if they have a condition that has caused them to keep the weight on. I had to get my mind right and know that no matter my size, I know what I bring to the table. Don’t let what has occurred to you in the past based on your size or peoples remarks slow you down from your purpose.

So from financial mistakes to learning of domestic issues with people I adored, you have to learn how to deal with the issues that come up. Everyone will handle them differently and that is ok. If you don’t deal with the things that bother you the most in life your future will be impacted by it. I recall the day the Lord woke me up in the middle of the night to discuss my purpose and next steps. I couldn’t have been more mortified thinking, share my story. Lord you know it all and how private I am. You know I am not one that likes to disappoint people or be in the view of everyone knowing about me. As he reminded me that everyone’s story will help someone and it be some rough times but overall I could be ok… I had to step out on faith. I will be the first to admit, I haven’t always been one that has known how to let go of my past. I was one that would cling to people from my past because they knew the good, bad, the ugly and were still accepting. However, if those relationships (friendships or dating) are toxic, who does that help? I recall after losing my father and attempting to get back on track reaching out to a counselor and accepting that I had a few other things to deal with as well. I promise you I may not know your past but I have had one from hell at times and if I can overcome it, so can you. It may not be a cakewalk, but you have to want to. Forgive yourself for allowing yourself to love the wrong person, let go of the mistakes from 3,5, and 10 years ago. Allow your heart to breathe again. Please don’t block your past from shaking hands with your future and closing the chapters that have been written and engraved in your heart.

There is so much more to share with you folks and it will be coming out in my book where I discuss my life story and how I overcame the hurdles of life.

A Note to My Ladies

So it was put on my heart to write to my ladies, not really sure why. But it is what it is.

Dear Ladies,

Ladies, I hope you know the Queens you are and the Queens we are meant to become. We learn from such an early age, all the things to look forward to universally. What happens when life doesn’t take us down the yellow brick road? When prince charming hasn’t shown up? We haven’t had kids yet? Our careers are not going the way we want them to go???

I come to you knowing that we can surpass it all. I come to you as a sister that has been down the emotional roller coaster with education, relationships, spirituality, and other things in life. I know first-hand what it can do to a person when your life is changed in heartbeat and the dreams you had with one man are now just a fantasy, which in turns make you wonder if marriage will be something you will ever want again and question if you want children. What it is like to leave one career due to grief and needing to move back home into a career, you never saw yourself in. I saw all this to you to say STAY ENCOURAGED!!!!

I hear so many of my sisters (this is across the color lines) stories and how many aren’t sure how to make it through. We don’t know who to turn to, who to trust, who to believe in. For this, I come to you with one simple answer. Turn and trust in God. Even your nearest dearest friends will let you down, hurt your feelings, say something that stings, etc. It is not that you can’t take these things, but sometimes in the storm the clarity we need is not from everyone around us. We have to learn as women how to share, but also how to lean on God. I have no qualms sharing my life story with my nearest and dearest of girls. However, best believe I know who I can’t share the best secrets, fears, and worries with.

As women, we have such a struggle in building relationships with one another that have a lasting foundation. I can’t explain it because many of my #1s have been through the trenches with me; the lowest of low, things that my family has no idea about. However, I hear so many women talk about their friendships or men discuss them and how these women are willing and dealing behind their friends back to get at their dude, talk mess, or just perpetrate. My question to you is as a female, what do you gain from this? As women we can be so powerful in our partnerships. I would strongly suggest that if you find you have a hard time building partnerships with other ladies, you may want to evaluate why. I know very few women that have this issue and are without things to evaluate on why they can succeed in those friendships. However, so many choose not to take that route. If you can’t build friendships with people, how do we expect to be able to make it in relationships with our mate?

untitled (2)

I am one that loves to people watch and with this I see the things women do to get attention from men, I am smh and darn near laughing. I just happened to be sitting by a few guys when some of these shenanigans took place. The odd thing was the women thought it was so cute, being loud, using ebonics, flirting beyond cuteness, and cussing. Dude later turns to me and was like it isn’t my cup of tea. He was like I have no interest in what they are putting out there. In that moment, I just wanted to chat with them for a moment, but these days we can’t just give constructive criticism to one another. Women take it as hating when another woman may just be trying to help you see something differently. I truly believe this all comes down to mind frame and maturity. I do believe women have the ability to pull a man that many may not believe is within her ranks, however, you may have to conduct yourself accordingly. I am not saying be someone you are not, I am saying be you and if that doesn’t work, then it may not be for you. One of the best things I have heard a man say on the Online Happy Hour (DFWIRADIO and TMIRADIO) if a man doesn’t see you at that time, there can be many reasons. Women should be thankful for this as he or you may not be ready for what it could bring. Many of us as women can’t take this though, we want to be able to show that man what a good women we can be. Ladies, I ask you to take it from me. You can show a man who you truly are and he may never truly SEE YOU!!! Know this and accept this and keep it moving. What the gentlemen said on the show is very true. I say all of this because I see women that are nice looking, intelligent women doing things to get a man’s attention and it doesn’t always go as planned. Is it worth dumbing yourself down, seeming like someone you aren’t?

As women we encompass so much more than many of us allow ourselves to provide to others. I know some of us would love to be married and starting families and this just hasn’t happened for us yet. We look in the mirror and we ask ourselves why, what are we doing wrong. My answer, you may not be doing anything wrong. However, if you have something’s to work on, take this time to do that. If you have that unfortunate “black women attitude” issue, if you have an issue with trust, a daddy issue, a communication issue, etc. Have you laid your past to rest and welcomed what your future has to offer? I could dwell on the fact of a broken engagement, money lost, and the embarrassment of living through it all. I promise you that if I hadn’t I would have never believed that one day God would send me that one for me, that was made for me, and know that I would want to be married versus disliking the idea because it did not work out with him. At some point you have to accept that it may have all worked out the way it was supposed to. You may not always understand your past relationships, have full closure, but take the learning lesson and leave the rest behind. Let’s start by working on what we can do to better ourselves. I know it can be hard to focus on that when we are doing it all at home and in our careers and are ready for that companionship that we know God has promised. I urge you to stay encouraged and make sure you are open for what marriage and children bring a long with it. Every person I know will share with you that marriage and having kids is the hardest job in the world. If you are one that wants to sleep the weekend away, are you ready for a companion that will require time on your weekends to build a foundation? If you want children, but can’t stand being around others kids… you may want to rethink this. Lol. I always love that one. People will say it is different with your own, but keep in mind the same struggles that people have with their children, maybe your same struggle. Not saying it will be handled the same or that rings true for all, but consider it. Marriage and children don’t guarantee you a rainbow leading to a pot of gold and you have to be willing to surrender to that mate if you want a Godly marriage and be open to accept your weaknesses and share them with you children when age appropriate to be a better parent in my opinion. Ask yourself if you could be married to you before looking for someone to join in that union. Do you have it in you to be the parent you want to be, when tired, when sick, when feeling like giving up. Having a little person’s life in your hands, changes everything. I hear you will never be the same. I truly believe this just with my nieces and nephews. I have seen perfection born with their births and they bring a different light to my life and they aren’t even mine. We have to learn to be vulnerable with people besides our girls. When we advise we are ready for marriage or that man of God, are we ready for what comes with it? If it takes us out of our comfort zone or into the unknown?

I had the opportunity recently to step out with a handsome gentleman that was just a friend. What a fresh of breath air it was to head to dinner with a man that has great conversation, opens doors, carries bags, etc. I must say it had been so long for me, I almost grabbed at my own doors. This action would not have made me wrong in anyway, but it just also shows that I am not used to this behavior. Is that wrong no, but can we be so independent that we can’t even enjoy a night out with a friend that has manners and want to treat you like a lady and looking for nothing in return. Sometimes we need a reminder that these good guys are out there. They aren’t asking for anything, just enjoying your time and you vice versa. We need as women to be able to build healthy relationships with the opposite gender without assuming it is all based on more. I know this can be a hard spot. I have run into a few men that have truly intimidated me in every way. It wasn’t even because they were trying and I can be sure they knew because people around me would say I became darn near stoic around them. I recall one that I built the courage up to tell I had an interest in getting to know. Believe me; I had seen him with all types of nice looking women. He had confidence in his walk, a smile to die for, appeared to have a heart to help people, and one that motivated me without even knowing he possessed that power. I say this to say; sometimes we do have to jump out of our comfort zone. I didn’t approach this man in a manner of trying to get at him although he was very handsome, but rather in just wanting to get to know him better. I am old enough and have been around long enough to know that the wrapping of a person only tells you so much. I know many women feel this is an avenue that traditional, down home girls just don’t do. My question is what is the harm in expressing interest if doing so in friendship? We may see someone and think what it would be like to be on their arm, but I would hope most of us want to find out more and not just base it on that.

I ask that we also look at the way we handle ourselves. As a women, there is nothing wrong with keeping yourself up, learning how to plan for your future (with or without a family), have decent conversation, knowing how to build foundations, searching for who you are and knowing what makes you happy and drives you. Take time to find the cloths that look great on your body type. Everything is not going to look great on everyone at all sizes. However, no matter the size, I have seen some women that truly bring it in the wardrobe department. They take the time to find things that fit and flatter their body type. I know that many will say that it cost to get items tailored, altered, etc. I do agree and am not saying to spend money there if that is not available right now. However, for those that are at this point, take this into account. Think about your clothes, shoes, hair, nails, etc. I am not big on expensive purses but for some, that is their thing. You have to know what gives you that confidence and that extra pep in your step when you walk into a room. Some of the women I see that do this best, are doing it best because they know they are killing it in what they have one and it looks great on them.

At the same time, find yourself. Find things outside of dating, work, church, etc that you enjoy. Many times I see women struggle in friendships and relationships, because they just don’t know who they are. They don’t know what they like and don’t like. They have not taken the time to get to know them. Find that passion outside of work if it is not what you do every day. Get involved in that one organization or charity you have been looking into for years. I know some will say; they don’t know how to find these things. Start by searching Google, going to the library for research (I know that is old school, but something about the library is just so settling-lol). Furthermore, if you have an interest in something and don’t know where to start, I’ll extend my helping hand to help find some contacts. Just in the start of this blog and before I have met so many people on different paths and been given contacts. Some of them are listed under my businesses I support blog (Nothing but Support and other blogs sharing entertainment and products), many can be found on Facebook, etc. We need to have something to stick our roots in and that brings us enjoyment outside of the normal channels in life. If you don’t know what this is, pray and ask God to reveal it to you.


Let’s learn to come together to IMPACT1 another and other women. To uphold them when they are down, to build lasting friendships that make it through the test of time, to learn ourselves and others to empower us to be BETTER, BOLDER, WISER, CONFIDENT, and most of all GOD FEARING.


Future Planning

What are your future plans?

What is your road map to get to those?

Are you saving?

Are you investing in 401K, stocks, and mutual funds or learning options for investments?

Have you thought about how your family will handle things when you have taken your last breath?

Do you know where to locate your resources for your future plans?
Most of us lead our lives in pursuit of what we will have in the future. No matter where you are in life, how do you get to the next step if you haven’t planned?

I didn’t start out so well on the saving tip, investing in my 401 K, or even planning for my future outside of incurring a ton of college debit. I graduated college and got into the corporate world. I didn’t start fully investing into my 401K initially due to my salary. I can make the excuse about my salary, but it was only me and I was living at home right after graduation for 6 months. I just didn’t take the time out of my life to learn about the best way to financially plan for my life. Three and a half years later I still wasn’t doing the greatest job in saving, but my credit was great and was planning a wedding. Doesn’t that sound odd… planning a future with someone, but not saving for a house or dreams to be met? When my dream tumbled down, I made some not so great decisions. I bought a luxury truck that I loved, but did not need. I was rolling a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant prior and it still ran great and was paid off. This Galant got me from A to B to C without having hardly any problems. It still had a decent paint job, could have used some tinted windows, but you get what I am saying. What was I thinking??? This suv took premium gas, had a hefty monthly note, and had three rows in it. I didn’t have kids and wasn’t married. What was the purpose for this suv? I honestly bought this on an emotional whim. It filled the void at that time for the embarrassment of a broken engagement. I urge you to really think about your decisions before making large purchases based on want versus need. Don’t get me wrong, I was going to need another car at some point, but something reasonable. We all live and learn and believe me it was a learning lesson to stop doing things on impulse. You can’t mask what you are going through, don’t have, or who aren’t accepted by with shopping on a whim. However, you can plan smarter for yourself by making decisions that work for you and your future.

As life moves on, you will have loved ones that pass. No matter if it is all of a sudden or overtime they have to be buried or cremated. In 2005, I lost both of my maternal grandparents within six months of one another. I believe this was one of the biggest hits my family has taken in a long time. Thank goodness, they had life insurance, had already purchased burial plots, and my grandfather had already shared his wishes. My family was a wreck from losing my grandfather and then my grandmother months later. The process of being able to lay them down to rest was simplified due to their planning and what they had shared. I believe it is hard for some of us to discuss these wishes or plan for this as we don’t always want to think of these events. I couldn’t have imagined how much more difficult this time would have been if our family would have had to try to figure out how to pay for burying either one of them. As I continue to hear young and old folk share they don’t need to plan this out or have life insurance, it really makes me shake my head. No one plans to die in a car accident, a heart attack, a robbery, etc… they are all unexpected life events. You’re not guaranteed to live to a certain age. We have had friends die in their twenties and their thirties and believe me, it wasn’t foreseen. Life insurance helps your family, kids, etc. when these unexpected events occur. When my father passed sooner than we would have expected, thank goodness the funeral was already covered. The next thing to check after that is he person’s will. My father unfortunately did not complete this step. This is what I call the most chaotic step of handling the passing of someone when you have people that don’t have a mutual understanding. My father was very clear prior to passing, what he would have wanted done with any property he owned, his retirement that was in a financial institution, his truck etc. He had moments of wanting to discuss this when the doctor’s advised it was just a matter of time. Unfortunately, when you pass without a will all items should go into probate court when you have individuals in this that do not see it that way things can get a little hairy. For example, when a retirement money goes missing and property being disbursed without agreement of all parties. Do you really want to cause your loved one’s more grief by not being prepared if you could have been? Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Papa Bear more than he could ever know. We all live and learn and go through things that make us think of ways to do things different.

As I get older, I don’t understand how we can have people who are more worried about name brands, styles of cars, jewelry, but are unable to make their bills. It all comes down to priorities and I can’t stress enough how important is it to put these into perspective. Try and work on planning for your future before your family has to pay the price or you yourself suffer from the lack of planning. I have discussed a few ways, but there are other ways as well. Although I have gotten on track with planning for my future, it didn’t come overnight or easy. I have learned through my mistakes to make smarter choices with my finances along the way.

Can I Accept Me?

*Disclaimer, please read with an open mind and try to keep in mind this is simply to bring awareness. *

What is it about the world we live in to judge a person off skin tone, color of eyes, height, body build, and hair type versus spirit, integrity, intelligence, and character???

The movie Dark Girls focuses on the difference made between different shades of women in the African-American community. This movie does a good job of showing the impact of comments for all age ranges based on their shade for men and women. The one that stood out to me the most was the little girl they opened the movie with. A young child with beautiful skin, just gorgeous but has issues with her skin tone. She is one of many that battle with this from a young age that potentially can carry over into one’s adulthood.

As I think back to my childhood, I recall a time of battling with this myself. It was never due to any name calling, bullying, or family put downs. I just for some reason for years thought I was darker than I actually am. I was the darkest person on my mother’s side of the family and just always saw myself as darker skinned. It took me getting into college and being nicknamed Butterscotch (this was purely based on me going by Kandi and my skin tone) for me to really reevaluate what my skin tone really was. I for years struggled with the texture of my hair and going from round glasses to octagon glasses and to contacts. It was all internally my view of myself. I have always had big legs even when I was in shape. I recall praying for God to extend my femur bone so I could be a little taller, not much, but some. Lol. I was able to overcome my own perception of myself and start to see more in myself the more I learned and accepted that I was just the way God designed me to be. I also enjoy the song by Mary J Blige, Take Me as I Am.

My brother on the other hand, I have always admired. No matter if he had on glasses or contacts, a box haircut, or shaved his head bald. He has always embraced who he was. He is the type that could walk into a room and not know anyone. Before he left, he would have made friends and been invited to hang out. I’ve always been more of one to sit back and observe before completely feeling free to interact. Neither personality is wrong, but they can be perceived two very different ways.

I have dated men in the past that I have seen battle with even the colors they wear based on what has been said to them prior about their skin tone. I recall dating one guy that would always bring up that he was light-skinned and for the life of me… I couldn’t figure out why. When it came time to meet his family it was clearly because he was the lightest one of the family, but wasn’t necessarily light-skinned. He was just a lighter shade of brown and his family would refer to him by this when picking at him. However, he would make random remarks in reference to this and my family and friends were not as receptive to this as his comments came at the most random times. At times it almost seemed like he was proud to just be able to say he was light-skinned. Never quite got to the bottom of everything with this one ongoing comment of his. One other guy that I dated that was darker skinned used to only wear black, navy, and gray. As our relationship grew and we started shopping together I remember introducing him to other colors. His skin tone was so pretty and he never complimented it by wearing the colors salmon, cranberry, sea green, and lavender. However, that all changed once we started shopping together. It wasn’t about changing him, it was about introducing him to something he did not think he would look or feel good in.

In the many discussions with different groups of women, so many of them have been told they are pretty for a light chick or a dark chick. In the movie they have a segment of men discussing the shade of women’s skin. The interesting thing was although we all have preferences many of them based if they could talk to someone lighter or darker skinned on other things. They had different requirements based on the other person’s skin tone. I am sure many of you will read this and advise it this is based on unresolved issues, immaturity, and or society. However, these are the same men that will be out there dating, raising daughters and little boys to be men and advising them how to find their queen.

I say all these things to say that we as a society and as individuals in the society have to be more aware of the things we say to people and around our children and other’s children. Pay attention to the questions they ask and why they are asking them. Although I am not a parent myself, I see so many people feeling free to express their views and opinions around others little one’s without accounting for the impact it can make. I have witnessed people have babies and before anyone can congratulate the parents, one person is asking do you think they will get darker or their hair texture will change.

If we as adults can’t learn how to control how we communicate with one another based on stereotypical things, how do we expect our children to? If we can’t accept and embrace who we truly are, it leads to so many others down falls. People suffering with low self-esteem, questioning why they were designed the way they were, not recognizing their uniqueness will carry over into so much more. It effects how they interact with people, their work product, and so on.

Let’s try as a society to do better, no matter your race. Everyone won’t reach out to resources to get past their own hang ups nor will they choose to discuss it. Now days, kids are dealing with so many other pressures then when I grew up. The bullying, name calling, and blatant disrespect from their peers have become a norm for many children in school today. Where do you think they are learning some of these behavior’s from? It truly will open one’s eyes to the world we live in and what many look at before being respectful to the situation. I don’t want what I am writing to be misunderstood but I do hope it brings awareness.

So I ask again… Can I accept me? Can I expect someone else to accept me if I can’t accept myself???




The Evolution of Success

The Evolution of Success

Success is not final
Failure is not fatal
It is the courage to continue that counts
-Winston Churchill

As a child I dreamed the American dream… to grow up, be married, wanted a dog, a house, and a fantastic corporate job. Disney movies aided in this optomistic view of the future. As a teenager, I searched for my “independence” and aimed for getting into a good college. As an adult the view of success is ever changing.

Many opinions on what makes one successful is out there. Ways to gain it keep it, measure it, etc. It is not something that can be measured universally. They all vary on the person attempting to achieve them. It makes me think of the moments of speaking with children and teenagers in my recruiting days of what they valued and felt would make them successful. The two main events that come to mind were while giving a Texas Scholar speech and recruiting for undergraduate admissions at a Junior College.

The Texas Scholar speech was generally to share about the program but also to get the middle school aged children to share about their hopes, dreams, and future. Initially I looked forward to hearing the goals the kids set only to hear majority of them discuss wanting to only be a basketball wife, date a rapper, the boys focused on having a fine wife and what material items they would want to acquire. The 3-5 out of 25 students expressed wanting to further their education and discussed professions they desired to get into. Although I am a large advocate for education, I understand and respect that it is not for everyone. But it sickened my heart to hear them so passionate to waste their talent and lives behind material things and not consider their own inner growth, excitement over graduating, or their future. Many people are successful that do not have an educational background, but I do believe that it doesn’t hurt to have your high school diploma and explore some other educational opportunities that could be from culinary arts, mechanical, military training, etc.

The young lady I met at the junior college during a recruiting event spent some time telling me a little about herself and then on to what she was hoping to accomplish. She had been in college approximately two years and was aiming to becoming a secretary. She said she was the first one in her family to obtain any college credit and she knows she did not need it to become a secretary but wanted to have that foundation. As she left from speaking with us, my coworker and I, we discussed how everyone’s life fulfilling desires differ in many ways.To the child sitting at home wondering where the next meal will come from or if the lights will be off tomorrow, success may be living at a means where he/she is not living check to check. People’s idea may not always meet our expectations but they maybe large to that individual’s family, personal goals, and motivated by their upbringing. So I say to anyone that attempts to down someone else’s idea of success because it does not meet their own expectation, remember that all the jobs in the world were created because they were needed and be thankful that someone wants to do the jobs you do not enjoy or care to do.

As a first generation college kid, I came out with a piece of paper, great accolades for graduating, but that does not mean others success is wrong or should be looked down upon. It was a large goal of mine to get a college degreee. For so many graduating high school, having a family, being a certain type of parent, being involved in the community is what equals success. Is one wrong or any less important, of course not. However, we tend to know people that won’t support others in achieving their goals that they may not understand or relate to.

My own success story has changed overtime from the time I became an aunt, joined the corporate world, and deciding to start my own blog. My success no longer only comes from climbing the corporate ladder, but to IMPACT1(this was not a typo) person at a time. I wanted to share my voice after stepping out on faith and hoping to inspire and assist.

Ask yourself what can you do to help yourself or someone else. In watching one of my favorite movies, Eat, Love, Pray, Julia Roberts portrays a woman that is seeking so many things all to find in the end that self-awareness and seeking her own success versus what the world put out there is what leads to her true happiness.