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Had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful venue in July with friends in Playa Del Carmen. It was a getaway that words can’t fully describe. I was burnt out on work, tired, and tired. This place on sight gave me a sigh of relief. The moment we pulled up to the front and entered the property just kept that feeling going. This house is one that some may never know the pleasure of enjoying. So many times when we vacation we jump right to the looking at a hotel or a resort versus other options. This house gave us the opportunity to relax, be catered to, and bond. The home has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and is two story. This home has large closets, beds that make you want to stay in them, huge showers, and a great view. Casa Yolo is not just a home, it is an experience!!

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The detail to every room gives you an insight to the owner. You can tell he values family. The attention that each room commends, keep you wondering what is next. From color to furniture to bedding to paintings, you quickly realize they put time and effort into the ambiance of this location. The balconies for the upstairs rooms are spacious and are a great area to relax overseeing the pool or the front of the home.


The staff was superior and beyond polite. Each room is decorated to detail and as the days winded down it was hard to think about leaving. We had meals made, a driver, and a place that offered relaxation, entertainment, and a new way of life. The cook Mercedes cooked delicious meals with chicken, shrimp, and beef. We were never left wanting more food. In fact, we always had plenty left. When we arrived, they not only gave us a tour, but had dinner hot and ready. Mercedes had prepared a type of cucumber water that was unlike any I had ever tasted. Talking about quenching your thirst. This was great as it cooled us down quickly and was refreshing and not to mention healthy. She always asked about times for meals so they would be prepared when needed. Maria was the maid and we never had to ask for anything either. She never interrupted our sleep to come in and clean. You know how this happens in hotels when you go on vacation. She always found time to do this while we were out or even in the pool. She left plenty of towels and asked if we needed anything. They made sure we had plenty of pool towels out at the pool so anytime we went to swim we didn’t have to ask for a single thing. The driver, Julian, was just as wonderful. He was available to drive us to stores, restaurants, areas on beach, the strip, and even if we wanted to spend the night out dancing. I have never had a vacation where I have had all three, but these three worked well together.

The outdoor patio is large and has comfortable furniture as well as a fan. It is in a perfect location to catch the breeze coming in and dry off from the pool or just to sit and catch up. This house had a pool, hot tub, and a part of the pool inside the house. The landscaping outside with the pool area reminds you, you are not just in any pool. It creates a feeling, mood, and atmosphere that makes you appreciate the gorgeous scenery. You definitely know you are not in Dallas, TX. The pool had lights and the bottom is tile. The great thing about the bottom of the pool being tile, is you don’t get marked up or scrapped by walking or siting in the pool. No snags on swimsuits either. The pool is filtered versus having chlorine. The awesome thing about this is that you don’t feel overly dry when you get out of the pool and for the ladies, the same goes for your hair.

We didn’t do too much outside of the house on the trip. We had plans to do a few things while there. However, once getting there and getting settled in. We found it had all we needed. There was a pool table, an indoor portion of the pool, umbrellas and chairs outside (great to read under), trails to walk in the neighborhood, the beach within minutes, an outdoor table for times we wanted to eat out by the pool and much more.

In case you are still questioning if this is the place for you. Just check out the headlines of some of the reviews of other ladies I went with…. “Vacation so great I had to rethink my goals” , “Best Relaxing Vacation Ever”, “Amazing Vacation @ Casa YOLO!”, “Best vacation ever!! Paradise!!”. All reviews to be found on tripadvisor.com

This home would be great for any occasion, family get away, couple retreats, girl getaways, bachelorette get away, organization trips, etc. In fact, I can’t think of one reason this vacation home would not work for someone.

Loved, Loved, Loved this house. I had to ask myself when I got home… How much do I really love Texas and what do I need to do to be able to vacation like that more often. During my time there in the pool, I took time to reflect on myself and evaluate my goals. This vacation was one of the best I have had yet. We didn’t want for anything. What can I change in my life to eventually be able to own something of this caliber? Casa Yolo is not just a home, it is an experience!!