Aspiring Author, Writer, Blogger, Ex-Misfit

Fotor0609121735KJoi is a vibrant lady with an infectious smile and withering faith. KJoi knows the pressure of trying to further your education while dealing with the demands of a full time job and life lessons. She has had exposure to various jobs from education, manual labor, bartending,  and corporate america. Her focus has always been to impact one person by sharing her story through her trials and tribulations in her life. While the success in her career has not come without struggle and test of her faith, KJoi has realized that her story can be shared in many ways to help others.

KJoi started a blog to share her story and passion of helping others.  As a prior debator,  she also gives back by judging debate tournaments at all levels. A true believer that you can help someone that is willing to let you in and bare their soul.




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