It all started from a dream of wanting to help others. After losing my father, I prayed and decided it was time to pursue my passion. I always had a drive and pulling force when it came to helping others. I have been a long time believer in supporting others and their endeavors. My passion is fueled by wanting to make sure the little ones in my life understand; life is going to happen and as we learn and grow from those avenues, we build our character. In the midst of trying to see through the storm of grief was born the clarity of sharing my voice.

My background and foundation stem heavily from strong family values. At a young age the family celebrated all occasion’s together, discussed politics, race, and education. My debate background opened my naïve eyes and equipped me with the ability to be able to see both sides of many situations or at least be respectful in understanding the other parties reasoning. A former debater in high school and continued to give back by judging state and regional qualifying tournaments. As a former debater, it helped me learn how to form ideas with reasoning behind them and become more comfortable with communication. Commination is another area I feel so many are lacking in, but can grow from it if willing to learn and be flexible.

I started a homegrown blog named Roots to the Soul for the purpose of discussing different topics and attempting to bring awareness and openness. I am the youngest out of my siblings and a first generation college graduate and have seen what the lack of communication and being closed can result in. I have broadened the scope of sharing my voice by blogging about events, online radio shows, and current mainstream topics. In my spare time I spend time with family, work on my future book, and catch up on reading and movies.

Sharing what I have is what helped me in choosing what to write about weekly. It is rare the topics are just random. I battled with the Evolution of Success, Accepting Myself, Learning to Forgive, and The Power of Strongholds, only to name a few. I hope you will join me in my journey and share your stories as well.

The Curious Case of KJoi

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