As the days pass
I wonder where you are
I have been through so much
The aspiring corporate guy
The forever educator
The one I see potential in, but he does not see it in himself

But today I saw…
A man that caught a piece of my soul (sigh)
My attention like no other
The one that just has
An ora about him
Call it as you may…
His swag, smell, and clear passion to be a better person

It has been so long since
This feeling has come into play
The moment of looking up and seeing someone
A person that made me think twice about the decisions I make in life
A man that stands out no matter what he is in, people have respect for him

Everything about him
Says I should be able to be relaxed
I tend to find myself a little nervous and hoping I give him the same feeling
He makes me wonder when I will see him again
If I am writing on his soul the way he just did mine
The insight to a future I can’t be sure will become truth
He brings me an easy smile with just
Seeing his name pop up on my phone
The morning messages that show he is thinking of me
He inspires me without trying

The communication piece of being able to discuss anything
There is no moodiness, no topic left uncovered, or hidden fears
What can I say… I support his dreams as hard as I support my own
His soul speaks to mine and offers a calming mechanism like no other
I just might have had my light bulb go off…


One Reply to “When the Light Bulb Goes Off”

  1. I can totally relate ….aaaahhh ….I have felt that way and it is an awesome feeling , to meet someone tha…….t just the sight of them is …mmm…. Yes !!! I thank you for such a wonderful thought from your heart that made me Remember….:) At this very moment…. I can remember the person , place and the mmm….handsome face:) A man that needed no introduction when walking into a room….just being themselves…….. not realizing the affect he had wherever he goes, but the smiles and looks that you just couldn’t resist but subtle in your reaction. Thank you for making my day !:)

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