Time after time, I hear people complain about others and circle back around to themselves. I wonder how many of us choose to take the time and look at our reflection. We have all seen the memes of looking in the mirror and seeing something fierce or vice versa something weak. How do you determine when and how to work on you? Is it as big of a priority as it is to meet up with friends, do what family needs, or anything else? Many of us struggle to make ourselves the priority.

I can say that making the choice to choose you is not always the easiest. Many of us have the outside noise of others in our head from things and comments that have been shared in the past. I find it odd to hear how friends will speak to one another, family, and others, but don’t do the same things with other loved ones. I sit and listen to the words we decide to say to one another and take notice to the way people respond. It is not about conflict or being bigger and bolder, it is about choosing you. At times we make decisions in our lives that a limited amount of people will understand and support, but keep in mind your journey is not about them. Words can be so painful and leave scares deeper than the eyes can see. Think about what comes out of your mouth about yourself and to others before speaking. All of us have to look in the mirror from time to time. We all have to decide to rise above and realize it is not wrong to take care of me before everyone else. Now that I have your attention, let’s jump into it a little deeper looking at our Spirit and mind.

Your Spirit is more than something that has to be feed every now in then. You need to take care of our Spirit as you do yourself. It is the one thing that will keep you going when you aren’t sure if you want to roll out of bed. Connect your Spirit to a higher power that knows your journey and what you are capable of more than you realize and may have accepted. This is your internal link and opportunity to stay powered through all that the world throws at you. No one’s life is perfect, even those that appear that way. I have been there, I promise. It is not about focusing on that, it is about knowing how to connect and refuel and who to turn to. I am going to need us to stop turning to people for support that will call you weak and challenge who you are because you are not making the choices they agree with. Let your Spirit lead you to the reflection that can grow like a vine into a beautiful tree that will give more life and light than you can think of. You have a purpose, You have a destiny, and You are here for a reason. Some of us come into this later than others that is ok, it is all ordered steps to get to a purpose.
Your reflection in the mirror can say so much more than just what you see physically. Your mind has to be in line to head to the next level. You have to make up your mind that the things you need to do will take time, may take you away from your normal routine, and may cause you to feel a little indifferent. I urge you not to stray the course. Take the time you need to pamper, relax, and grow. Many of us feel taking this time makes us selfish in some way, that is just not the case. Our bodies speak to us in many different ways. Listen to what it is saying to you, headaches, aches, pains, unexplained fatigue can be signs that you need to just take a day for you. I am not a doctor, but many times as you start to make some changes in the direction the ship is sailing to it can be hard to adjust and accept that you are making you a priority. I promise you that most are going to do what is best for them, their families, and anything else. You have to make the decision to put you first.
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I ask you to make the choice today… don’t let your past steal your future, don’t let the words from someone’s lips hold you back, allow yourself to be free and your story to be written by what is more important and that is you and your growth. You need to be at a good point in your Spirit and mind to be able to move forward. The reflection of you should be as positive as the grace God put inside you, as bright as the light shines from the sun, and as daring as you want to be. Trust and have faith in yourself as you do in many others. Be bold and brave and ask God to guide your steps that are designed for you only. Your reflection won’t match your families, your best friends, or people you don’t care for. Don’t let it slow you down, deter you, or stop you.

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4 Replies to “The Reflection of Me”

  1. Good stuff K Joi! So true we must take a minute to make ourselves a priority and put ourselves on the top of our “To Do” list. Once we get in line with God and recognize He has a unique journey and plan for all of us AND that it may look totally different than what we expect for ourselves and/or what others expect for us ……our reflection will change. We will begin to blossom spiritually, emotionally, physically, etc.

  2. Ohhhh my beautiful niece how you speak to my spirit and bring me to tears …. of joy and awareness ….because you speak a truth a lot of us won’t dare look at ourselves, or believe we are worthy, but the devil is a Liar as God said “All Of Us Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”! Amen! You are blessing me so much and I am Guilty of Always putting myself last but as years progressed and my age also ….I am taking pride in Taking me some “Enjoy Your Day Your Way Time”.
    I love the way you express yourself and talk about the hard subjects we all shy away from , but God is using you greatly to Shine a Strobe Light in my face to Say Wake Up …Don’t Let Nothing Stop You….Because God says, he has us all the way ,even through the hard times…We Will Survive…it might not be easy but We Still Hereeeee. lol:) You hit the Nail on the head ….sometimes we let others bring our spirit down when we should pray immediately for that person and not let your joy be taken!:) Keep on doing what you are doing as God has got you on “Full Blast” and your anointing to speak through this blog is an Awakening to my spirit to catch up and continue on the Journey God has for me.:) Thank you …..and Remember your Auntie Got your Back Always!:)

  3. Thank you for sharing! This post gives my life. Love to chat with you as time permits. I am looking at starting a blog and found your inspiring.

    1. Hey. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the feedback. We can def make sometime to chat. Just let me know when works well for you. I will send you an email with my contact number 🙂 Starting this blog was one way to start getting something’s out in the open 🙂

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