As the time passes and the tears come less frequently

I think back on the smiles and moments that were created

The times of hugs and cooking and when talking was a not a past time

A father that was dedicated in every way to make sure

His children knew his love and that he was there for them through the long haul

Time has seen to fly by since you are no longer physically here

However, there are those moments of longing to just fill you in on

The new changes, choices, and next steps in my life

I find myself inspired to do more because I know you knew I had so much more I wanted to do

I wish I had the answers for how things occurred and where if anything could have been different

I’ve come to accept that all I have left are the imprints you left on my heart and soul

A man that adored me from my first breath to his last

Who would tell it to me like it was and not sugar coat it just to appease me

I hope you know how much I loved you and adored you

I always prayed that my husband would possess your hard working qualities, the love of children you had, and the openness to discuss and communicate about anything

If I paid attention to my visions then, I would have known long before my engagement ended that my husband had not crossed my path… as you weren’t present at my wedding

I thank you for being a father that others could appreciate

Wanting to help me become the best person I could be

As well as not shying away from me in those teenage moments where I may have gotten a little beside myself
What can I say Pops… Jaws… Daddy… I will love you always and you live on in my memories and thoughts


2 Replies to “The Day Texas Changed Part II”

  1. What a wonderful dedication to your Dad! It truly touched my heart as I miss my father as well. The patience of a father and the conversations that you will continue to hear …when you are thinking about him…lets you know he knew you would do well no matter what!:) You are a mirror of strength that your father was …and the hero of your heart as you journey through this life. You will be Victorious in all you do because God is your strength and your motivation to be the best you can be! Luv u 🙂

    1. Thanks Auntie 🙂 Luv you too 🙂

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