I find myself wondering why communication has become so foreign to so many these days. They say it rules the nation, but to me it seems to be one of the number one lacking skills of people. I find it so odd that so many don’t seem to realize that we communicate with way more than what is traveling from our mouth to peoples ears. Verbal and nonverbal communication is something many of us can work on. It is the way we speak to one another without saying a word.

So much is to be gained through communicating with like-minded and non-like-minded people. Diversity is not just important in the workplace, but even when learning to communicate with people. So many people communicate in different ways. One way is to necessarily better than the others, but there are definitely ways that are more effective than others.
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Communication through tone, eyes, hand gestures, body language also shows a lot about if you are receiving what is being communicated. If you are having a conversation and you can’t make eye contact, you may appear that you are disinterested in the conversation depending on the context of the conversation.

Although people like to think that while communicating with different ethnicities that you need to communicate differently. I disagree. The dynamic does not change. Learning how to communicate better helps not only in personal relationship, interviews, and everything you do in life but also generally makes the party more confident in discussions. I don’t know how aware people are about their lack of communicating in a positive manner, but I think it is one of those things that we could all stand to evaluate. Take time to grow and expand in this area so there are not issues with people understanding what you are saying.
Humans have so many ways to communicate but seem to also struggle at times with knowing how to do this. It shocks me as we start communicating at such an early age and should generally be pretty well at it by our adult age. I guess we have to take into account the environment people grew up in as many times that is the communication skill we may gravitate to. Most will do that until they have had a chance to live some on their own and recognize there are some areas that can be polished. It doesn’t always come naturally and I don’t think we should shame ourselves for that. It could have a lot to do with mindset and maturity in my opinion. My question is when or if you find that you need to hone this skill, will you? Can you ask for help? Can you tell people you are in relationships with that you know you need to work on this and are willing to do so? People feel that discussing a weakness at times doesn’t benefit anyone. I strongly disagree, it shows you are aware and that is the first step to so many things. I have been one of those that have stuck my neck out with some and said, you just don’t communicate in a manner that works for others you deal with. Some will say it isn’t my place, but the few that I have discussed that with were family or like family and we are able to speak freely.
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Don’t do this for anyone…do it for you and yours and I can bet you will start to see some benefit to this. If you work on this and your circle or support team does not seem to make strides in communicating, know this will be more of a struggle. I urge you not to shy away from this, instead embrace it. I do not mean becoming hostile or starting arguments. Just know that with any growth comes with stretching yourself and at times others around you. Be patient with yourself, be patient with them and allow yourself time to work on this skill. Don’t stunt your growth to feed someone else’s ego.

Keep in mind, if this is something you want to grow in or work on with public speaking as well… I am available to assist in this area now as a tutor.

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  1. This is so true….without communication we are at a loss. I appreciate this Awesome advice! 🙂

    1. Thanks for dropping by Auntie. I appreciate your support 🙂

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