As many of you know… I am big on support. I believe in helping others and showing support for those I believe in. So today is just a list of people I know doing great things and a snip it about their business and their contact information.

Ten Eleven Grill
Location: 1011 Corinth in Dallas, TX

Venue offers live music, spoken word, superior service, flavorful food
Writes ups in The Observer, offers a place to give back to the community, and owned by a magnificent couple who had dedicated time and effort to giving Dallas a place to call home.
Check out the website to see events, availability, etc

Plain Fancy Salon
Location: 3220 Gus Thomasson Suite 4 Mesquite, TX

Shava Echols focuses on healthy hair and educating you in how to care for your hair. She has been my stylist for as long as I can remember. No matter the length of my hair, she keeps it looking great and in good condition, not to mention the numerous colors we have visited with. She offers online appointments and you are guaranteed to have some laughs and many smiles while in her chair. You will walk out loving your hair and seeing the difference in it once you have tried this young lady.Check out her website to see photos, prices, and how to book

Eccentric Beauty

The bath and body product line offers shampoo/body bars, body/nail scrubs, hair/body balm, and glossing pomade to name a few. She will have lines coming soon for men, children, and the home. Many products are dual use in nature and are reasonable priced. A homegrown company that was based on assisting her son who had eczema. Now she has a full line of products that can help those that are ingredient conscious and ecofriendly. I personally love these products.
Featured in a blog What’s the Buzz about Eccentric Beauty??…centric-beauty/

Universal Purpose

A business that offers an array of oils, car scents, and scents for the home. The owner is mobile and will deliver orders. He offers one of a kind scents that last longer than most fragrances with them being oils. He focuses on participating in events that also give back to the community.

Illustrious Optics

A company ran by a young man that has a passion for education. He uses his lens to allow people to see the events that people miss while in the same setting. So many things happen at an event and for those that are there and are not, this one helps savor those memories.

TMI Radio

TMI is over a year old and has listeners from the United States, Brazil, Britain, United Kingdom, China, Guam, Italy, Scotland, and Africa to name a few. The station gives callers the ability to call in and share thoughts and on some shows to visit the studio to participate. The atmosphere in the studio is welcoming by all the host and hostesses. Tune in to different shows and feel free to make contact to discuss marketing and advertising packages.
Featured in a blog Interview with the TMI Radio CEO at…-tmi-radio-ceo/ ‎

Avaron Marketing

The dude will wow you with his talent. He is creative and innovative and recently redid my flyers and business cards. I have had a few people ask for his information after seeing the new flyer and cards. His website and work speaks for itself and he offers great turnaround times. Be sure to tell him KJoi referred you.


Gator Auto Detailing

If you are anything like me… getting your car washed is one more thing on the to do list that sometimes gets pushed down the priority list. Gator offers mobile detailing at a price you can’t refuse. I love the fact I can get my car cleaned while at work, getting my hair done, or while running errands. He never disappoints.

Artistic Vision

A mom turned artist. She started her own company from the passion of doing art and is also an author. Her art is unique and each painting has a story behind it. She has had her paintings in furniture stores and art galleries.

Andy Brown Speaks

Life coach, author, radio host. Mr. Brown offers many different services. He has a background in the corporate world turned entrepreneur. His radio show is called The Online Happy Hour and is on

AP Beats + Tees

A company that specializes in customize t-shirts. Owned by a friendly owner that pays attention to detail and offers a creative flare to t-shirts. He started by loving music and starting to create. I personally have had my t-shirts done by him and people loved them.

I am sure there are many contacts that have been left off… if you are looking or need a recommendation for something particular, just shoot me an email to and I will see who I know. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you make the most of today as we never know what tomorrow holds.


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