Somewhere in between the good, bad, and the evil is a person of flesh, a brain, a heart, and a pulse. We may all be made up of different DNA, but those few things ring true in all of us. It doesn’t change based on what God we pray to, how we practice our religion, what politician we vote for, or who we love. I wonder as we take a look in the mirror and I mean a real look, what we see? Is it someone you can be proud of? Have you learned how to deal with your stress and mistakes? I say all that to say that I feel so many times we are so quick to judge others or exude a lack of compassion because someone made a decision we would not have made. No matter how much of an eternal optimist I am, I still have to be careful of biases that can be built up based on situations, interactions, and perceptions.

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Disney depicts it in many of their cartoons so children learn from an early age how people that may bring you harm looks like, may smell, or give you a weird vibe. I believe the battle is much like what I have seen from commercials of their new move Inside Out discussing one’s emotions. Emotions and our thoughts drive so much of it. I say that to say our emotions drive us many times when the race is just beginning. As a child, I used to wonder if thunder and lightning were the result of good and evil on the battle field. I wondered if the impact they brought were based on one side tackling the other side.

I wonder for those that don’t believe there is a battle daily on this Earth, how they account for or view some of the things that happen on this Earth by the humans that live here daily. We are so quick to blame others for the consequences that come with the decisions we have made. At what point do we recognize that everyone’s walk, challenges, and self-awareness is on different levels. It doesn’t mean one is more right or wrong, but rather that it makes us who we are. While one little girl that is molested by a family member will turn to women for comfort, the other little girl in the same situation will use it as motivation to give children a voice and possibly a safe haven to escape that scenario. We don’t all come with the same circuits in us to make a stance in the community and there are other ways to make an impact. It isn’t always about being in the limelight after coming through the dark. Sometimes your journey is to overcome that darkness, either way the battle continues.

We may never be able to understand the reason why the little boy that has been in and out of foster homes ends up with a foster family that beats him. It is like getting to the end of the tunnel to not find the light, but only more darkness. I do believe that just as God rules us all, with free will and choice and the devil and demons running free… it comes out in the actions of people of the world today. So it is no different from the person at work that never seems to be in a joyful mood to the women you only hear negative stories from. I don’t personally care who you believe rules the sky, heals people, nor if you believe there are gates of heaven to enter. However, I think we would be a little naïve not to admit there is a struggle daily here. Innocent people are shot daily, racism is at an all-time high and I wonder when some of you will take a step back to evaluate what is going on in the world today and within yourselves.

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Are you willing to view the things you may not see? Not watching the news or reading CNN doesn’t change that. I always wonder how it is that we have a lottery to give money away after people spend money, but we have a ton of homeless people out there along with children with no place to safely call home or have a meal. We have companies sponsoring huge sports events, but could more of that go to charity. Why are we paying for roads that everyone has to use to get somewhere and the prices continue to increase…? Is the amount of pavement and tools increasing?? As terror events happen and we can’t seem to come together for one common good no matter who runs the US based on his skin; where do the masses matter???

I just ask you to come be self-aware first and foremost. Then take it a little further and recognize when you are letting the evil and wrong things creep into your head, heart, and the people around you. I ask you to open you heart and learn how to love thy neighbor and get to know them for who they are and not based on their skin, hair type, piercing, tattoos, eye color, height, weight, etc. Learn to just love people based on those things that we will always have in common and never change.

What team will you play on?

Are you looking to toss the football from a positive to a negative arena? Will you suit up in sports gear to protect yourself, your heart, or soul for whichever team you play on? Which side will your eternal makeup pull you towards and dominate.

Much like the battles that Batman, Superman, and the Transformers are against in the comics or like the offense and defense in sports. Are you looking to toss the football from a positive to a negative arena? So you have the ball and are headed down the field attempting to fake out the defense and as you get closer to the touchdown and you have all the feelings and thoughts that run through your head. Will you suit up in sports gear to protect yourself, your heart, or soul for whichever team you play on? Which side will your eternal makeup pull you towards and dominate??

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