I had the pleasure of meeting the cast of Corporate America last Tuesday on The Online Happy Hour while discussing Horrible Bosses. It all started from a man, Sal Salvello, who wrote a book turned soon to be comedy sitcom is now launching as a new series. Mr. Salvello wrote a book making fun of the corporate politics and it turned into a money maker to support his family. This is a sitcom in the making and currently doing a comedy tour in Dallas and in Louisiana. I was able to see the first night of the comedy show at Hyena’s in Dallas a Mockingbird Station. The location was easy to access, had plenty of parking, fast service, reasonable drinks and food, and plenty of seating. They had cupcakes out in the area where you could mix and mingle before and after the show.

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The show was Sunday evening at 8:30 PM and was the first leg of the tour. It highlighted the stars in the upcoming sitcom Corporate America. The sitcom was created by Sal Salvello and Kim Glasgow. This is based off real Corporate America examples and some that range from each end of the spectrum. The show was hosted by Vivian Fullerlove, who is also known for her public relations and marketing sectors. This was the first comedy venture for Ms. Fullerlove and she was cool, calm, and collected. She gave great intros to the lineup and shared a little about her upcoming roll in the sitcom. The tour consisted of Farah White, David Jessup, Tyson Faifer, Barry Whitewater, and Brian Schoby.


Corporate America for many of us is our bread and butter, but we need time to let go and relax. This comedy tour allows you to see so many of the things that can get out of control in these setting and allow us to take a break and breathe. I know I had had a hell of a week prior and was able to drop my shoulders and giggle. The setting draws you in as you don’t want to miss one word and keeps you curious as to what is to come next.  Comedians from all different backgrounds, nationalities, and styles graced the stage. As different as they may have been, one common thing rang true and that was the laughter they brought. The race issues in America to the difference in family dynamics can make Corporate America a forced to be reckoned with although we are not to discuss those things, they still come up in one persons biased or stereotyping. Topics ranged from family, gay pride, welfare, marriage, etc. You never knew what was coming next and there was not one dull moment. It flowed very smooth and everyone seemed like a natural. It was not like some of these shows we see or hear about. There were not cruel and unusual jokes told that would heart anyone’s feelings.

As familiar as some of the jokes were and others were not so relatable, but still funny and easy to follow. I can be sure that the ones that didn’t hit home for me were the ones that hit home for someone else. In this environment, it is important that all parties stay light hearted and they did. Crowd participation was not mandatory, but was done easily. We wanted to help out from clapping a beat to a rap or answering minor questions here and there were seamless due to the energy in the room. No matter who was on stage, all parties were respectful. The content was neither vulgar nor harsh. The comments made sexual in nature were in good taste and all parties laughed, men and women. I think one of the best parts was seeing the other parties participating in the crowd cheering on the next performer and laughing just as hard as the crowd once they nailed a big joke. Laughter and smiles were shared alike by all parties as I took a gander around the room and some were easy to point out by their infectious laugh.

I don’t recall hearing of anything else like this on tour or coming to a sitcom. Yes we have had some shows similar, but anxious to see the new fresh look and their take on this arena. As I exited the venue, I heard people sharing they were looking forward to the sitcom due to laughter endured from the comedy show.

The cast met after the show and mingled with the guest. They took photos, answered questions, and had additional laughs. They did not charge for the photos nor rush the guest. They were all so patient and engaged in meeting their fans

Bravo to this cast and parties that have stood behind this project.

Kudos to Vivian Fullerlove, Sal Salvello, and Kim Glasgow for making this all possible

Laughter is good for the soul and you will want to get into to see this show before it ends.

You can follow them on Facebook under Corporate America Comedy Tour

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