As a women we are forever searching for products we love on our hair and skin. I can assume men go through the same thing, but maybe don’t discuss it as openly. The great thing is once we find a product we like, we may stay loyal to it as long as it is available. The young lady behind Eccentric Beauty knows all too well about this. She has got it down to an art and is sharing what she has learned with us through her products. The products offered through Eccentric Beauty are natural, eco-friendly, and some are dual use products. Did you hear that, dual use products? I have to say I have not seen too many of these. I recently picked up a dual use product by Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree line that was a moisturizer for your hair and a lotion. I was like, I’m not so sure about this. However, this is a way to save on cost if the dual products work out. Who doesn’t love to save money on products that we love.


The women behind the product is named Bridgette. Bridgette is a stay at home mom, a blogger, a radio show host, and the creator of Eccentric Beauty. She advised Eccentric Beauty was birthed from a desire to provide awareness to people on what we apply and take in our bodies. The brand provides a great balance and insight into her personal life and her personality. She is a sweet spirit, joyful, and enjoys providing products that help others. She started Naturally Beautiful in 2010 as her son, who was under 12 months at the time, was diagnosed with eczema. She began to research ingredients as the crème provided for eczema had steroids and advise you should use it while in direct sunlight. I’ll say, that will bring a different type of motivation to people. The side effects of the crème if used over a long period of time can stunt a little ones growth, skin thinning, and cause enlarged blood vessels. She started learning how what is in your hair and body impacts your health. She started with focus groups, discussing this with her aunt who is a chemist, and putting together a protocol.

Her drive to help her son turned into a love for helping others learn. She would be able to educate people on the importance of natural and organic ingredients in products through her line. She not only was helping others, but had thought one step further. She decided to help the environment as well as her packaging is biodegradable. I don’t know that most people I have met are so focused on more than just getting their product out there, but also looking at the most benefit it can offer in different realms and that is what grabbed my attention. I have eczema and so does one of my nephews so I was stoked to hear about her products.

The bath and body product line offers shampoo/body bars, body/nail scrubs, hair/body balm, and glossing pomade to name a few. She will have lines coming soon for men, children, and the home.


As being natural with my hair, outside of this color, I can say finding those products that work are crucial. The journey alone can be costly and most of us in that journey are constantly researching products and ingredients that are best for our hair.

I truly believe this young lady has a product that has not fully been exposed to the market. So many people are looking for ways to be eco-friendly. What a simple way to help with this then buying products that are in ecological packaging from a creator that is working on a going green home line.

She not only has this platform to share on, but is a radio hostess on She has a show called Hardcore Beauty that airs on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 2 PM – 3 PM CST. She views the show as a way to give others a voice on lifestyle, community, and businesses. She also does an annual health fair to promote healthy eating and taking care of our bodies. I blogged and this event in the fall and it can be found under Hats Off to the Ladies of Hardcore Beauty.


We discussed the logo and the colors behind the logo while I was learning about Eccentric Beauty. I love the orange and the blue. She shared that the orange represents the fun wild energetic side while the blue shows the grounding sophistication and depth of the brand. She sees them both as powerful in their own right but compliments each other extremely well creating a dynamic impact. She hopes it will be seen as an elegant mix of modern excitement with natural elements with an unconventional artistic flare. In my opinion, she has done this… the buzz will be there in no time.

Her vision for Eccentric Beauty is that this will become a household name and a one stop shop for families. As there will be products for all parties of the family and the home. I must say I am one that loves to get multiple things taken care of in one place versus having to go to different places to purchase everything. What more can a person ask for… a one stop shop to get natural products that aid in keeping our atmosphere safe. Naturally Eccentric Mom will blog about all things natural. It will focus on beauty, hair, family, health, and home design and details on when you will start to see the blog will be available soon.

Check her products out at her website and one Facebook.

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