Unconditional love, generous, kisses booboos, a parent before a friend, careful, your first teacher, strength, passion, pain, tears, smiles, joy, and starts to set the standard for how you view the world. I don’t know that there is a difference between Mom, Momma, Ma, and Mother as they all tend to be names of women that hold the qualities above. I know mine went by the names of Mommu, Mom, Ma, Auntie, Aunt Dot, Grandma, Gran, Aunt Lisa, Aunt Linda, Momma Sharon, Mrs. Boykin, Mrs. Ferguson, Ms. Mallard, Mrs. Belino, Ms. Harge, and I am sure there are a few more I may not have gotten to list.


From the moment they get to hold you first in their arms and have a star in their eye…they felt you were perfect. They knew their blessing in God trusting you with them and vowed to take being a mom seriously.
I think of my own relationship with my mother as far back as I can recall. I was always considered a daddy’s girl, but I love my mom. We haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I know she has unconditional love for me. She doesn’t always agree with the way I cut my hair, share my opinions, etc, but I know it is just because she wants what is best for me.


A mother many times is the first example we have of love in our lives. She teaches us without even knowing it or trying. If she holds us when we cries, when she wipes the tears, or if she takes time to discuss the concerns that are causing those woes. The undying love of a mother is something not everyone knows. The smallest things from wiping your nose, to teaching you the proper way to speak, and brining smiles to your face. It is something about a bond of a mother and their child. She many times knows the things her child will struggle with long before the child or anyone else does due to being observant. Just my two cents on what I have seen from the mother’s in my own family and many family’s close to me. They are often referred to as momma bears for a reason. They can be the kindest, gentlest person, and change in the blink of an eye to protect their child.

They sure know how to make a house a home. If it’s the smell of the aroma from the dinner, snacks, or homemade chocolate fudge for ice cream sundaes. The way they make the bed or tucked you in at night. The kind words they shared when you didn’t make the cut, or the cheering for you like no one else would or will. The joys they share as they see you growing and becoming more independent. They want to cry because they aren’t ready to see their bird take more steps on their own, but they give you enough room to enjoy the new avenues life is taking you on. They want to save you from all the bad things of the world and keep you safe from your first heartbreak, the injury, the car accidents, the daily challenges of life. However, they can’t protect us from the world, yet they choose to share us with the world.

Moms don’t always get the credit deserved… but their day is coming up on Sunday. I believe we shouldn’t just show our appreciation for them one day out of the year. I can’t say I always make a big deal out of that day due to that. However, I do acknowledge and do my best to make sure my mom knows that I love and appreciate her throughout the year. It is the little things that matter to my mom. So spending time, making dinner, shopping, looking around, and time with the grandkids.

We don’t always turn out the way they think we should. Nor do we always follow the path they prefer. They may judge here and there, but it isn’t because they want harm upon us. They love us no matter what because to them we will always be their babies. They never give up hope on the ones that are disrespectful. They may not always be so forth coming on how things happened in their life due to appearances, but will eventually let that wall weaken to attempt to save their own from walking that same path.

I know everyone doesn’t have a flowering relationship with their mother. I have to wonder for those that were given up for adoption if one day you can find solace in maybe she gave you up to save you. If she was molested and concerned she would only see the pain in which you were created. If she is an addict and knows she won’t keep you safe or not sale you for the next high. Or if she just knew and accepted that she wasn’t ready to put someone else’s life above her own. I commend her for not keeping a child for the sake of being called mom and trying to be a mother when she knew she would not arise to the occasion.

So this goes out to all my family, extended family, and girls that are mothers. I pray the day my day comes, I will encompass so many of your qualities as being a mom.

Love you ladies!!!!


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  1. Well said my wonderful Niece!:) What a wonderful tribute to all moms around the world! I am smiling and tears of joy stream down my face as I remember my own mom and all she would say and do….lol Great job and keep blessing this world with your awesome words of encouragement! 🙂

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