This interview got 17 million views and was highly anticipated by many. I can recall a few of my girls and I discussing how we were looking forward to watching this to see what would be shared. He started the interview diving right in and letting his hair down literally. He was the first super star to kick off the marketing using stars. I must say that it took courage, a sense of acceptance, and a heck of an amount of will power to come out and share his inner most feelings at 65. After all the stat was shared that there are 700K in the population that struggle with these battles.

The man people have seen as a top athlete for years shares he identifies his soul and mostly with a women. He is religious and shared that view as well. He explained that he felt God as he was designing him he needed to give him one thing to deal with, this was the one thing. He did this as a last interview as Bruce Jenner as after this he will reemerge as a women.

He shares that at a young age, he found that he wanted to wear a dress and dress up. However, I don’t know that this signifies huge concern for most children. Most kids of a certain age see shoes as shoes and cloths as cloths. Yes they may identify them with mommy or daddy but now a days you see men in the public eye wearing skirts or dresses in an effort to make a fashion statement and that have not advised they are transgender or have a different sexual preference. I say this because some parents get so caught up on small things and run with it. I don’t have kids but I have seen it amongst parents and even in the interview the doctors share they are seeing an influx of people brining their kids in asking if their kids are transgender. I am not saying don’t pay attention to the signs, but also don’t try and put this feeling on your children if they are truly just playing.

A man that has been married three times now shares his deep down yearning. I admit that with the lime light he has been in, this had to be one of the hardest things to do. He was candid in the interview and shared in all three marriages that he did not share this feeling with any of the women until after he was married to them. One of the wives encouraged counseling and trying to see if this was something that would pass or could be discussed. The counselor per the interview shared this was not something he would be healed from. One marriage grows apart because he lacks energy in the marriage??? Hmm… so no deeper concern into what he shares about wanting to cross dress every now and then?

Needlessly to say, none of the marriages lasted. He is though a father of 6 now at this point. He shared he was never attracted to men. He has always felt heterosexual. I say this took me back some as a female, my brain, my soul yearns for a man. He went on to explain the difference between sexuality is whom you go to bed with and gender is who you go to bed as. I think it was great they shared this as some maybe unsure of the difference.

TG genitals and gender

At 40, Jenner starts to transition by taking hormones and starts to transition for 5 years, electrolysis on his beard, etc. He stopped this as he is religious and was concerned about how it would impact his children. Some of the kids shared they were relieved he has come out and others had seen him in a dress at their home. None of these things ever appeared to be address, all waited for him to bring it up to discuss it. I have to wonder though as a child, how confusing it can be to see dad in mommy’s cloths and then not be able to speak on it. On a positive note, he seems very open to share his feelings, struggles, etc with his family and the world which I think will be positive in them all adjusting to his transition.

As many say, they wake up in a body they do not know or how to be that gender as they feel connected to a certain gender. Dr. Olsen on the interview advised being transgender is not a mental disorder and that parents can’t blame themselves. They are seeing more and more that it lives in the brain vs based on the genitals that they see in the mirror.

As this interview progressed, I found myself glued to the television. I did record it as I knew I would want to watch it again. His interview will speak to so many people out there that struggle with who they are, acceptance, and finding love. This society has come a long way, but we know has a milestones to go. As many people strive to find understanding, some won’t because to them it just doesn’t make sense. He did a fantastic job of explaining what he has gone through his entire life, sharing with his wives and children, and how he feels now that he has been honest with everyone. In the midst of the show, they preview a new show starting called Becoming Us starting Monday, June 8th. What a great way to market. They knew their target audience would be watching and everyone else. Not only would millions be watching, but those that are relating to what he is sharing and those families still trying to figure out how to get back to their normal.

I think one of the things that makes you think most, is how hard this has had to be his entire life. The loving relationships, the stigmas it could bring, and the political parties he supports. What will occur next?

He notes he is a Republican on the interview when asked about Obama being the first to discuss discrimination and making sure all parties are considered even transgender. Diane quickly asked if he thought they would support him. He drops a few names and feels they will be accepting. However, since, I am hearing these specific parties were asked to comment and declined. I wonder if it was the being caught off guard or unsure of what to say as they haven’t considered if they would support someone that may have been a friend or a large supporter of yours. Wonder will they will share their thoughts or support? Have to wonder as many, will they truly be accepting? Will it be a game in the political world to reach the masses that now identify with the LGTB world? I am not trying to be a sceptic, but many years and years have shown that conservatives are not always so concerned with inclusiveness. Just my mere observation…

TG obama quote

Bruce kept advising he would reemerging as himself as a lady, he has already picked a name he will go by. However, did not share as he still has a time before the full transition would take place. He is unsure if he will change his genitals at this time. This part of the interview takes me to the moment when watching Botched while I had downtime and a transgender party had some bad cosmetic surgery. They discussed having to possibly do a mastectomy and she was completely torn as to if she would be willing to let go of her breast.

Bruce is unsure if he will be with a man or women in his next relationship. He said it is too early to tell. He said he just wants to live life and let his soul be free. He is finally being able to be himself and enjoy his grandchildren, children, and will more than likely be a voice for speaking on these struggles and being transgender. Bruce is offering to get together in a year and see how things went.

As he says, have an open mind and an open heart and his mission is to provide understanding and tolerance.  Know that support, acceptance, and tolerance are all different things. Be sure before you voice your opinion on this that maybe you know or understand where you stand. Does one of those three listed above change if it is your father, mother, brother, sister, nephew, niece, best friend, ex boyfriend??? Be true to yourself and your feelings. Be willing to learn and gain understanding if you run into this and open to learn and communicate. Fear of the unknown will easily push you to a point you are unaware of, so tread lightly…This is what it all truly comes down to. Diversity and inclusion and learning how to make it on this green earth as one. Think of how much good we can do by learning to understand one another and accepting versus discriminating. Think about it… Listen with your heart and not your ears.

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