I ran into you by mistake
Somewhere where fate road and reality street met
It was from the first glance that I knew you would hold a power over me
The grace in your smile, the lightly gleaming halo, and the passion to help others grow
I was struck from day 1

I’ve found myself viewing you as, somewhat of a poster child
I maybe pulled to you by some unforeseen force
As time passed and I couldn’t explain the pull
It became clear that a hero you maybe
But you were not willing to share your intimate make up with me

I so needed you to be the one to show me how different the world would and could be
I kept waiting for you to see the light in me
Wondering if you could see my soul as I saw yours
I wanted to believe in what we could be together

Have I built you up so much in my head
Or is reality mixing with the person you are
As the bricks lay the foundation one by one
I find that I have no clue who you are
At one time you gave me a feeling of rejuvenation
Now it is a feeling of despair

As I realistically accept my place in your world
The location is no where on a map in your heart and thoughts
Perhaps I built up someone that was never really there

Your reaction to me confessing you are hero in my eyes
Was met with such a delicacy of words
And it became clear that I was never on your radar

If I listen to my intuition it says to run like hell
If I have to prove my worth to you
It takes me down a yellow brick road where the foundation has been laid similarly prior

If you can’t vibe who I am because you don’t care to know my heart
I have to ponder where my fascination came from
Why did God allow me to see the halo around your heart vs allowing you to see into mine

Today I accept that I’ve allowed you to be a hero in my world
It was all without you putting forth the effort and showing any emotion
As the puzzle comes together piece by piece
You are still a hero in many regards for the great things you continue to do
I however have decided to cap my captivation
To allow my ship to sail into waters pending someone that will allow us to be each others hero.

3 Replies to “Tarnished Hero”

  1. Snap Snap….Snap Snap!!! Thisnis deep K Joi. Sail ship sail and you ride the beautiful waves until you have arrived at your predestined location, your hero with a heart that was made to pump only for you. Love it!!

  2. Wow ….you are such a poet….revelations of what could and can’t be , what we see but don’t recognize, you go girl…..talent in our family started with your grandma (Mamoo) singing and poetry and grandpa( Dadoo )for writing novels) and passed it to me and then you …but we all have these talents …we’re the ones that tap into a God given gift. One day I expect this all to be complied into a book. (yeah..so I can always read your writings from the heart):) Luv you This is really a late comment but I felt I needed to check you out this morning and I’m sure glad I did. 🙂 Now I’m going to read the rest that I’ve missed. Totally exciting!:)

    1. Thanks Auntie 🙂 It was a rough one to share as it came with a story in mind. I agree the passion to write def came from my lovable grandparents and onto you. We have been blessed with things we have a passion and sense of understanding and connection to.

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