I believe we all experience and handle things differently. As life moves forward, we all tend to turn to our own things to cope with the disappointment, pain, lack of processing or accepting. Due to this we have probably all or most of us had some sort of vice we turn to. Vice defined per Merriam-Webster:bad or immoral behavior or habits, a moral flaw or weakness, a minor bad habit. What’s your vice and why?
An alcoholic may say they turn to alcohol as it is their way of feeling better about whatever is going on. However, most alcoholics drink to the point that they slur their speech and handle things in such a different manner.If you are a non drinker, you will not be able to relate. Alcohol is one of those things that can easily go from a something to turn to into more. I can say as one that has turned to drinking when processing death in my family, that it isn’t always the best option. However, I am not a huge drinker as my friends would say. I enjoy a glass of wine, a beer, or some liquor after or during a crazy week. I don’t tend to find myself in the bottom of the bottle to escape what is going on. However, the people that battle with alcoholism are truly in a tough battle. The ones I have seen that are on that borderline find themselves unable to reach a point of satisfaction with the alcohol at some point. Others tell themselves that one drink a day that ends up being a bottle is one way to relax under a long day. I am not judging but I will say that if you often find yourself sleeping on the side of the road or not knowing how you got home after heading out… you may be on the line of making this more than your vice. The even odder thing about it is alcohol can be a depressant for so many. I am unsure if people really see it as that. I am sure many of us have had our drunk dialing days, but overtime you grow from this stage and to point where getting a drink socially is great. If you define it as your way to satiate the daily events and you are unable to control the liquor… My only concern is what happens when what is in the bottle no longer deals with the monsters under your bed. Do you turn to something stronger? Do you stop before your liver is unhealthy? At what point does the vice become more then a bad habit and onto something you get up in the morning looking for. If you find yourself drinking more liquor than water, it is your vice and you may want to consider the best way to handle this.
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The figures represent the percentage of the population who are current smokers.4
Per the CDC fact sheet released on January 23, 2015, nearly 18 of every 100 U.S. adults aged 18 years or older (17.8%) currently smoke cigarettes. This means an estimated 42.1 million adults in the United States currently smoke cigarettes.This particular vice is so concerning no matter if it is cigarettes and weed, etc. Is the nicotine that draws you in??  What is it that you are relieving yourself from? I have heard smokers say they get to the point where they crave the nicotine just as coffee drinkers crave the caffeine. I hear smokers say if they stop smoking they will gain weight and don’t want to have to address that factor. So many smokers I know started at an early age due to trying to alleviate stress, look cool, or was attempting to fit in.They always planned to stop or quit but found that nicotine had them bound by the neck. I wonder if the stress outweighs the damage done to the lungs and breathing. My father smoked cigarettes for years on end. I prepared myself at an early age that one day the satisfaction from the puff may be what claimed his life. Although that wasn’t it, I am not sure if parents understand the strain and stress it brings to their children to see their parents smoke for years.  Smokers that smoke weed will advise it is natural and since on the Earth it is natural and should be no issue with using it. I can’t say that I hear of weed smokers having as hard of a time trying to put it down vs the cigarettes. So if it gets to a point where you cant put it down or go through a day without it, is it considered an addiction?

Sex as a vice versus just enjoyment could be seen two different ways. Most people enjoy the connection with another person through this avenue. Just remember to be smart and safe about it. I believe that most that turn to sex as a vice aren’t addicts but maybe have a void of affection they are attempting to fill. Many of those are dealing with personal issues that may include rape, molestation, or feeling that this is what validates them. I don’t know that I would characterize someone that uses it as a vice as an addict as I think there would be some distinctions there based on definitions. I wonder with this if it is considered you guys see it as a vice if they are continuing the same act with the same person. Is it only an issue if the person they are having sex with is toxic? I also wouldn’t consider someone with a high sex drive being someone that uses sex as a vice.

I think all three can be dangerous if not used in moderation. As we all face the whirlpool that we endure daily called life and we have to learn to deal with those issues head on. A vice, I believe can be handled in moderation and not leave a negative impact on your life. However, I think there can be a line that people can easily skip over that takes you from getting through that moment to an addiction that requires a program. Many of us at a young age turn to these things because we may not be sure what else to do. I want to remind you after having turned to some of these as well that after taking to one of these, the problem is still there when you wake up from your drunken stupper. When that cigarette burns out? When the partner you don’t know leaves after the act. I hope your support teams are willing to step up and say something. I know I have had that uncomfortable conversation with those I know I care about. Make time folks to process what you go through as sweeping it under the rug only leaves it around to later terrorize you after that vice is worn off. You don’t want to reach the point where that vice is no longer taking you to the place you want to be and find yourself inching into areas that are not longer vices, but rather now are sure addictions.


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  1. Vices and addictions as you stated K Joi, can be considered an individuals way of coping-self soothing. My suggestion for those who recognize they have a skeleton in the closet they need to deal with or an issue that has spun out of control would be to attempt (as K Joi stated) to deal with the issue at hand. If you cannot be direct with the person who is involved, speak to someone else you trust. I would also seek out positve activities or healthy coping mechanisms (cooking, exercising, sewing, playing sports, going to church). I am a true advocate for counseling services as well. Having someone who is unbiased and willing to listen to the whole story and give advice, allowing you to purge the hurt, pain, grief, etc. can do wonders for your life. There are counseling services available at cost and for free. Try making your vice a positive one.

  2. Totally true! Everyone has a vice or coping mechanism whether it is positive or negative in impact. But vices come in so many forms like eating candy …especially chocolate ..which is very addictive., but very soothing …yeah,…I love me some chocolate. Prayer has the Highest Volume of Success in curing any problem that can ever be invented by man , why… Because God says so and his Word backs up his claims. If the world turned to God there wouldn’t be all these sicknesses. But thank God we have a Savior that can change a persons circumstances in a blink of an eye or in a process ..it is as God chooses. Great subject as I have seen peoples lives destroyed because of vices mentioned, and I pray for Deliverance for any destructive vice on any person including myself to be delivered in Jesus name! Amen!

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