“Fear of flying will make you scared of your own heights.”


The Creator

She is a Dallas native and has had a love for poetry from a young age. This young lady is not only beautiful, but ambitious. She is a mom, a recognized poet, has her own fragrances, she has her poetry in book and cd format, and models. She travels the world currently to perform her poetry. She is always polite, stays smiling, and never lets the crowd down with her performances as a poet. She is always dressed to kill in a sexy, but classy outfit with heels. She is a true queen…her name is MasterPiece.

The Mission

It is a series of healing, through love, empowerment, and spiritual elevation. Women will come together as community to talk about our issues and how we can help ourselves and others face challenges and move forward as women of worth.

The Event

It takes place on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

It is for Women ONLY, FREE, and is a judgment free zone. This event is open to all ages, but some things that come up could be graphic in nature so please keep that in mind.

Ladies!!!! This is truly what many of you are seeking. No matter if you are new to Dallas or have been here all your life, we all search for a safe haven to just let our shoulders down and share our pain and joys we have experienced. So many times I hear women that have not been able to find a support system with other women due to certain issues that have come up. However, I urge you to attend this event with an open mind. This is the second series she has put on and the women that come are supportive, respectful. and looking to grow from one another. This event is structured in the way that she does have a speaker or two available to discuss key topics. It is laid back in the way that you are made welcome to get on the mic and speak, share your story, your opinion, or just partake. You are welcome to come as you are. I noticed there was no different treatment between those that were dressed coming from more than likely the business world or something more relaxed. It is open seating and offers you an opportunity to sit with women you many know or may not know. As the event moves forward there were handouts given and some group activities. I thought this was wonderful because many women came alone and this allows people a chance to interact. At times as women we can walk into an event like this and be nervous or a little anxious. Everyone was friendly and smiling. MasterPiece, her guest, and her assistant greeted the ladies which always helps someone feel more invited and ready to share. The event generally will have a topic of discussion, but there is time available to have open discussion and ask questions. She also ask us to share topics that we would like to discuss. MasterPiece not only shared her own story candidly, but was very engaged as women shared their thoughts and opinions. I loved, loved, loved this event. I think more than anything because when you can tell the creator is there for exactly what the event stands for you can feel that spirit in the atmosphere.

If you still aren’t considering… she has vendors there as well. This past Thursday the vendors had jewelry and books. They had also located a young lady that needed assistance and were accepting donations for that family on a volunteer basis.

 So this event isn’t always going to be what you can get out of it, but perhaps your words or contribution can help save someone else. We never know by looking at a person, what all they are enduring. Let’s support our fellow sisters, no matter the race, background, work status, clothing, assumed labels or stereotypes!!! I believe my tears of pain can help water the roots of another gals soul.

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The Location

Ten Eleven Grill @ 1011 Corinth Street  Dallas, TX 75215

This location is easily accessed from people coming from all over the DFW area. This venue is a homegrown business ran by the Bryant’s.. They have a wonderfully friendly staff, a menu that offers multiple options, a bar, tasty food, and an intimate setting. Ten Eleven has housed the first series as well. They fix all food fresh to order and is flavorful. I personally am not a wing person but love the wings there. They have items from cheese fries, jumbo shrimp, fish combos, and turkey burgers. The food is reasonably priced and comes with plenty of food.

I would like to give a personal thanks to her sponsors for the event. Universal Purpose which is a creator of fragrances and body lotions and Dynasty 2k Enterprise Philanthropy.

Thanks to the Queen herself for being willing to share herself and her story to help others heal. Everyone is not willing to do so for a greater purpose. DFW has been needing these types of events and I look forward to seeing this event continue to grow as well as growing with the group.

Masterpiece is doing so much. If you enjoyed what you read… I suggest you read the blog called F.L.O.W (please check on Facebook or her site for updates on this event) after her poetry event. I hope you will make it out to this event and check out the other things she is doing.

You can follow this beautiful soul at facebook.com/groups/weareworthywomen or contact her at


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  1. You have mentioned this event before. I am even more intrigued!! I will try to make the next one, sounds VERY interesting and I would like the opportunity to meet new people. See you there soon!!

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