I believe you can’t be much help to yourself or others without taking good care of yourself. Some of us have such a problem doing this as we are not used to putting ourselves first. The reason why this is so important is because we all need mental and physical down time. Pampering tends to be something that ensures you are getting in relaxation time. Pampering can range from facials, manicures, enjoying a guilty pleasure, massage, etc. So many of us are on the go, go, go and could use that time to help our bodies rejuvenate versus just getting the rest. I am just going to share a few steps that I think are helpful.


1. Mind Relaxation

This first step is key to the start of your down time. Many people that don’t make this time may find themselves not sleeping well at times as they are not allowing their mind time to just rest. I know I have run into lack of sleeping when I have a lot going on due to not taking a mental break. It is as though my brain is still searching for solutions to whatever I am still working on while attempting to sleep. I have at times find myself praying asking God to help me let my mind rest because I was needing a restful night. You have to find what works for you. This may be meditation, it may be sitting on the patio reading a book, it maybe journaling, or working out. I have found any of these do help. I think meditation takes a little more concentration than many realize but have been wanting to try it. Reading won’t work for everyone, but for those it does allows us to get away and get into another story for sometime. I personally find a good book and a glass of wine can allow me to just let go, drop my shoulders, and indulge in someone else’s life. As for writing, I enjoy journaling and just writing. Some of us need an outlet for our day as we may not want to verbally discuss it. I at one point wrote in my journal as though they were letters to God and sharing about my week and daily challenges. Journaling for some will be so keen because they don’t have to explain their actions or thoughts to anyone but it is a way to let go of that day or events. As many researchers have shown, working out helps those relax as they are working off the frustration and releasing toxins from their bodies. I don’t think I have ever heard one person say after working out they still felt heavy about their day. It may not have solved everything, but they definitely feel better.

2. Body Down Time

We are just a spirit inside of a shell. Our exterior shell touches everything and provides our senses. Take a moment and think about how much you use your hands, feet, ears, and legs. We use these daily and for everything we do for the most part. These parts are in motion from the day you are born until the day we take our last breath for most. We have to learn to take time for these parts to rest as well. As we rest, these parts rest as well. However, other things to consider would be massages, mani/pedis, facials, steam rooms, yoga, etc. I wonder for those that haven’t tried any of these, if you are willing to. I haven’t always been the biggest believer in these things but they do help. Massages help in multiple ways as they have been said to help with circulation, releasing toxins, helps with anxiety, and headaches.  Many times during these services they have on serine music to help your mind relax as well. I love these times as well. I can go in with my hair in a ponytail, no make up, sweats, flip flops. I have been known during massages and facials to get some good sleep. I recall once waking myself up because I was snoring. LOL. I know these are not always the cheapest activities to look into and I hear people say that this is why they may not try these. Keep in mind many places may offer some discounts for first time customers, check places like Groupon or Living Social, and think of other alternatives. I know sometimes my girls and I will find things we can do like this as a fun girls night. We have looked up recipes for at home facials, items to soak your feet in, and hair treatments. I want men to know as well, these are not only for women. A women loves nothing more than a man that take care of himself. I am not saying if he doesn’t do these things that he doesn’t. However, in the last few years I have heard women say more about noticing a mans hands and feet. I dated one guy that was willing to go with me from time to time and he tended to enjoy it for the same reasons I did. I also would offer to soak his feet and clip his toenails just as something relaxing for him.

3. Help your Soul Glow

( I wrote that and it took me back to the part in Coming to America discussing that… LOL. Forgive me, I digress)

Our mind, body, and souls are connected. We not only need to take care of one piece, but all of them. I have found that the way I feel impacts all these areas. If my mind is cluttered, my soul is normally heavy and I am tired. For me, my soul glows as I interact and learn about people. It also tends to shine a little brighter when I have made time for God, family, friends, and doing things I enjoy. We have to learn what helps the most. I say for me it is my growing with the Lord. Don’t get me wrong, I am far from perfect. I sin everyday, just like everyone else. I have my own struggles that people may not assume by looking at me. However, I still have to get the word in to remind myself that my challenges and mistakes are failures that can be used toward my success. I am not alone in this. As I get the word in, it also helps clear my mind. I find I don’t stress as much which gives my mind some downtime. I used worry and stress over so much, but have come a long way with growing in my relationship with God. If you still aren’t sure on this… I will share that at times you don’t realize how your soul shows. I say it shows because I have had people say it is just something about your soul.

This won’t be received by everyone and that is ok. Those of you that needed this reminder will be good with it. Take time for you and find what you need to flourish. This act does not make you selfish, it makes you smart. It takes so many people so long to self evaluate and realize what helps them be in a better place. I ask you to take time to figure this out as it will help with the way you handle things. Don’t feel guilty for needing to make time for yourself and take care of yourself. These three listed above all interact to keep you in a good space.

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  1. I have gotten a lot better than I used to be about pampering myself. It has become a necessity!! It helps, as you stated, to take time out for yourself to make peace within by doing something that makes you feel good and relaxes you. This also helps you recharge. There have been times I have felt like could not go further: I can’t help anyone else, I can’t talk to one more person on the phone, I can’t take on another project at work, I can’t make all 5 of these events this weekend, etc…..BECAUSE I AM WORN OUT. All signs of desperately needing a pamper session and time for myself to reboot in order for me to get back to being the best me. Great read K Joi.

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