I recall a day in January that I fell in love with spoken word. I was at a spoken word event at Ten Eleven Grill for maybe the fifth time and I just found myself indulged in the content. I am not a poet, but loved the way the words spoke to me. These artists are able to connect to you in such a way through their talent. I would find myself in amazement in how the poetry came together and made a story. The poet’s content ranged from Christian poetry to erotic poetry.


I recall seeing one poet, MasterPiece. She was always polite, stayed smiling, and never let the crowd down with her performances. She is a Dallas native and has had a love for poetry from a young age. This young lady is not only beautiful, but ambitious. She is a mom, a recognized poet, has her own fragrances, she has her poetry in book and cd format. She travels the world currently to perform. She is always dressed to kill in a sexy, but classy outfit with heels.


She has started her own event called F.L.O.W., which stands For Love of Words. She has put on this event successfully for over a year now and it brings out a diverse crowd. She not only performs but brings in feature poets from all over the world. The event runs from approximately 8 PM to 11 or midnight. The event is generally sponsored by Universal Purpose. She has a host or two that educate the crowd on the poets prior to their performance. DD Ingram, the host of Fishbowl Radio and Andy Brown, motivational speaker and host of the Online Happy Hour on dfwiradio.com, hosted the event this month. They were in suits, well spoken, and funny as well. They kept the energy going as well between performances. The best part about her shows is that no matter how many times I attend, I have never been disappointed in the talent. The talent ranges from poets, singers, mimes, comedians, dancers, etc. The event is one that most don’t want to miss. She puts on the event once a month and tickets are available online. It is a dress to impress event and tends to have a crowd of gorgeous women and handsome men. Her event offers raffles for free giveaways to the guest. She has a band onsite that plays during intermission, which allows the guest time to get up mix and mingle as well as have time to groove a little. I have spoken to many people during and after these events, I haven’t heard anyone let down to date. The crowd smiles, snaps, hollers REWIND (which is where the poet will repeat that line or verse), and stays very involved in the show. Every time I have been at this event, there are people that are there for the first time. I have only heard praises from the crowd and asking how to find out when and where she will be next or when the next F.L.O.W. will be. She has t-shirts available for purchase at the event and through the web.

The Venue

The event is held at Ten Eleven Grill at 1011 Corinth in Dallas. This location is easily accessed from people coming from all over the DFW area. This venue is a homegrown business ran by the Bryant’s, a wife and husband team. They have a wonderfully friendly staff, a menu that offers multiple options, a bar, valet parking, and an intimate place. Ten Eleven has housed this event for over a year and the event tends to pack the house outf. They have customers that tend to frequent this event throughout the year. They fix all food fresh to order and is flavorful. I personally am not a wing person but love the wings there. They have items from cheese fries, jumbo shrimp, fish combos, and turkey burgers. The food is reasonably priced and comes with plenty of food.

The Band

The band she brings in is named Enfuzion Band. They have a singer that has soul and power and a band that plays an array of music. The songs make you want to get up and move while pending the show to start back. The band is also friendly and mingles with the crowd between sets.

If you missed this event or have missed it, you will want to come out when you can. Her next event is December 20th at the venue listed above and tickets will be available for purchase soon.

You can follow MasterPiece on Facebook, Twitter, at masterpiecepoetry.com, and masterpiece25.bandcamp.com

4 Replies to “F.L.O.W.”

  1. EnFuZsioN Band 10 years ago

    EnFuZsioN Band would like to thank you for the kind and encouraging words. Its rewarding when your work is applauded!

    Much love and success your way,


    1. Your welcome. I enjoy hearing the band and I appreciate you taking time to leave a comment 🙂

  2. This is an absolutely beautiful post!! Thank you. Well written and full of positive energy. Im going to put this in the FLOW press kit. Love the blog!

    1. Hey MasterPiece. Thank you so much for the kind words and stopping by. I am glad you liked it. I thought it would be a good surprise for the amazing event that you put on 🙂

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