(Disclaimer-I have no preconceived notions of people that have been or have ever been on welfare or maybe in the future. Ill speak on what I have seen, heard, and continues to come up in the media and stories I hear from people I know.)

The origination was for the government to have a way to help the unemployed and the underemployed. Most of what I read about went back to the Great Depression. In a time where the government was attempting to solve the issue that many families suffered no matter race, gender, or family make up. It was a great tool in place to assist families in distress. Welfare on the city of Dallas site discusses providing short term emergency needs to eligible residents. It is meant to be a temporary service until the party can return to gainful employment or gain other resources. It goes on to list areas of eligibility and how appointments are scheduled or you can walk in. Welfare encompasses all things from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Food Stamps, aid for the elderly.

However, over the years you have to look and wonder if the ropes are as tight on it as they should be??? I’ve heard the stories and known some people that were riding the system just because they could. Does that make it is my business, not really…but when we are speaking of my money going toward assistance to help others and many are using it for the wrong reasons then I will voice my opinion. Where does it come from? DID anyone else wonder this? What do you consider welfare? I personally don’t only see it as food stamps, or TANF, but we as fam and friends can be enabling others by providing this as well.
If people are using it for what it is there for…I have no problem. These programs can be great assistance to those that have had layoffs and unforeseen financial struggle. The stats found while researching this suggested that there is not enough money out there to help everyone that needs assistance. They noted that many of the families defined as poor actually have people working in their households, but just not making enough to be considered living above the poverty. The sites shared stories of women that have gone to school to make a better life for them and their kids and still have a hard time finding or keeping a job. I believe in those aspects, it is wonderful that we can offer that assistance.

I have known people that have been laid off and turned to these programs for help only to be turned away due to reasons like: your car is less than ten years old (even without a car note), you make too much (although after they take out for medical benefits, you can’t make a decent living). Just curious why you hear of so many people that need these programs and can’t get assistance, but on the flip side of the coin you hear of those using the system and they seem to be living on cloud 9. I don’t mean necessary luxury, but making it without the woes of working and having to care for their family. We have many people sitting on our system, making money, not raising their kids and aiding in the revolving cycle that their kids will get out and do the same. Don’t misunderstand; some kids will break that cycle. However, when a person that has multiple kids, unable to work due to being on disability and is legally married claims on paperwork not to be legally married to get more benefits; there is a concern. Why is there not a way to check this? How is it that we continue to support someone in the system continuing to have kids they can’t care for? If you have one child and things happen or multiple kids that you were able to take care of prior, most people understand financial turmoil and can see past that. If your life has revolved around getting over on the system with psychological issues that don’t actually exist, continuing to have kids, not running a structured household (I know this is subjective), and the cycle starts back over with your children doing the same thing. Shouldn’t something be done, said, stopped? I mean, I have worked hard for years. I have had my struggling moments and not that I fault people for turning to the program as that is what it is there for. I fault them for abusing it. I wonder daily how it is that people can abuse this system and not be criminally charged for theft, but people that make options for their own body like smoking weed are put in jail for their choice to do something to themselves. At least it is a personal choice, if they want to spend their money on it… I could care less. However, when you are speaking of reaching into my pockets, people I know pockets…it gets me on my soap box. Is there a reason why people on these programs can lie about marriage and get away with it? I am not randomly picking this stuff up. I have had people tell me that is how they keep a certain amount of money coming in while their husband works. They have had their kids trained to do or act a certain way during evaluations in order to get disability checks or discussed taking in other kids they knew and advising up front the amount they could get for caring for them. We are speaking of functional kids, no learning disabilities, no handicaps, just being taught from their environment that this is ok. Then when they are popping out kids in high school and focused on having another before trying to graduate rather on building their future or finding a legal job, there is something to be said. In that particular scenario, I thought it was odd that the mother felt it was ok for her sons to keep this behavior up, but told her daughter she better not come home pregnant. NOW WAIT A MINUTE!!!!! WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS SAY TO YOUR DAUGHTER? I accept what they are doing because of what nonsense. Thank goodness for that little girl, who did graduate without a child and I believe it was because she had to assist in caring for her nieces and nephews as her teen brothers and sisters were not fully able to. But wait!!! Did you bring this child up in this way? Did you help them see a world where you don’t have to have a 9-5 or a manager looking over them or teaching them that nothing comes without hard work? What kind of kids are we putting back in society to date our sons and daughters if they think that life is about lying and cheating? Does a son that sees his father at home all day, feet propped up, doing nothing but playing video games gain respect for him as a hard worker? Does a daughter watching her mom day after day never attempt to work, want to have the same drive and ambition? Please understand in these environments it is 100xs harder to walk out on faith and decide to do better. I have heard men say it about their baby mommas and vice versa about their baby daddies (I don’t personally care for these terms). I wonder how people that sit home and aren’t trying to do better feel knowing their kids are learning either how to be like them or have resentment toward them. What is the uproar about drug testing for a county program??? If productive citizens are drug tested and screened before being offered a job…is there a reason why county programs don’t offer the same. They they have implemented this based on screening assessments. Do you think if a criminal thinks like a criminal they would answer this honestly knowing they could lose their “benefits”? I guess some would say yes, as some would, but majority won’t.

I do believe sometimes we become a person’s welfare as well. If we have become a parties personal ATM, then we maybe enabling them. I am not speaking of scenarios of assisting here and there. I am speaking of fully supporting people that are not willing to get out and be productive. I have been guilty of this one too. I haven’t always known when I may not really be helping someone by passing funds over and over, but really hindering them because there was no effort there. I truly believe this is a form of welfare. I have worked two and three jobs at times to make ends meet. So… I have to say looking at what I have done for some, probably wasn’t the best. I have had those that I have asked, can we sit and evaluate where your money is going. I was generally met with a stern no. My response was, then if you continue to expect for me to support your living style… we will want to evaluate that as I am unsure if you truly need my help or are just becoming dependent on it.

Don’t misunderstand by this blog; I am a generous and caring person. I do not have respect for anyone that is willing to live on the system because they will not make an effort.

Are you someone’s welfare check? Do you know people abusing the system on welfare or making no effort?

6 Replies to “Who does welfare really help???”

  1. I think the system is set up backwards… if u are working and have a job that’s more than min wage you will not get help, but if u kids and not working all kind of doors open up for assistance. #backwards.
    I think we need government programs to really help, such as help me get food in my house for me and or my kids but if I’m not working or at minimum n school to better my current situation then have a term date for assistance.

    1. Hey Nettie. Thanks for stopping by. I think what you mentioned would def help. You would think these things would already be in place to assist at diff levels and see the diff in the situations. I did see info where some only have the assistance for so long. Def an awsome point and I appreciate you sharing your comment.

  2. Hhmmm… I have mixed feelings on the topic, knowing people that have benefited from the system and those that have abused the system. I believe there will always be problems with the system but we have to have something in place to help those in need. I think one option would be to require people to either go to school or do work for assistance.

    1. Thanks for droppin by Brandi. I can def agree and I think most agree we need something in place, but perhaps a few other things to help make sure pple aren’t abusung it. Great solution mentioned.

  3. There should definitely be random drug testing for those on welfare and for those applying, benefits should only be approved if a test comes back in the clear!! For us taxpayers that see money taken out every paycheck which goes to fund these sort of programs, heck yea I want to know that it’s going to someone that is putting forth an effort to better themselves and/or their kids/family. Those that sit on it all day collecting funds month after month, year after year as they’ve misrepresented themselves, their children, falsified information, etc, there has to be checks and balances in place to end maybe not all but a good portion of those milking the system.

    I started from the bottom, now I’m here. I was young, broke college student, with a baby, working full time, going to school full time, and it still wasn’t enough. Absolutely I made use of the benefits available to me and it helped me out tremendously during that time, but when I graduated college, got into the corporate world making twice as much as I was during college, I didn’t renew the benefits. Sure I could have renewed it, used the last old paystub from the job I was leaving before starting the new one, but see that would be wrong. Someone that genuinely needs the help should get it instead. Wrong is wrong. The system helped me out when I needed it for the time I needed it for and I appreciate that. So let a bill, proposition, petition, etc. show up to vote or sign on and I’m all over it!!

    1. Hey Mo. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your feedback and being willing to share your story. Everyone wouldn’t be willing. You have done great for yourself and raising your daughter. All of us need help from time to time and you are a perfect example of the diffrence this can make when used corrrectly 🙂

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