What has happened in your life that has brought on doubt, disappointment, concerns to move forward? Where does it all begin? Is it in what you see, hear, or your own internal make up? What from your past is holding you back? Is it a prior relationship with your parent or parents or lack thereof? Is it a history of physical or verbal abuse? A prior rape or molestation? Infertility or early age pregnancy?

I am a strong believer that strongholds exist and have the power to withhold you from reaching your destiny. I believe there is a battle daily on earth between good and evil. In this battle you will have to decide how you equip yourself to move forward. Do you fall down on the battlefield or do you fight with all your might through the days of tears and pure feeling like crude? A spiritual battle can be one of the toughest to endure. The struggle is real as they say. Strongholds are things that can weigh you down from reaching the heights the Lord has for you. Everyone may not be a believer, but all people have the worry of overcoming strong family issues or things your family has not seemed to be able to succeed past. I am a strong believer that strongholds exist and have the power to withhold you from reaching your destiny.

I feel the biggest ones amongst me have been financial, relationships, and secrets. I have shared a little in prior blogs about financial and relationships; there will be more to come in the book. The power in secrets is that they bind you to a fearful aspect of failing and letting others down that binds you like roots to a tree. I have been beyond guilty of this one. A secret in our lives is what the devil will play on even more. The devil knows we keep them due to fear and embarrassment. In these times, I felt that I could feel the devil breathing on my neck. That is real talk folks… the pressure of knowing he is waiting, watching, cheering and planning on you to fail is 100% real. As the scripture says, he was sent to steal, kill, and destroy. He knows your family secrets, your weaknesses, the areas to hit you at when you are already on the ground. The reason for this fear and embarrassment is due to not wanting to seem dumb, not have it all together, and just admit what we could have done differently. I truly believe to be able to break any stronghold; you also have to learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made. At some point you must allow yourself to breath from the situation, reflect, and rebuild. God calls us his people for a reason. He did not give his only son to taunt us for our daily sins. He granted you an opportunity to eternal life and a place to leave it all behind you. So many of us struggle with this. Believe me; I haven’t shared as much in this blog as yet is to come. This is allowing me to gear up to the points that will be listed in sharing my story in a more detailed manner.

As parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends are you willing to share your story without being worried about tarnishing our own name or image. (I am speaking of age appropriate stories.) My dad did not battle with this with me and if he did, I would have never known it. He was one that viewed it as you are my daughter and I would rather share my mistakes with you then see you repeat them because I did not advise you. He shared things that even at times my mom questioned him on why he would share such things. I came to love that that as my father always saw me as mature and having a good head on my shoulders and therefore we were always able to have candid heart to hearts. He was wise enough to know that as much as we discussed there were going to be something’s in the world that would come my way and I would have to decide what to do and perhaps if I knew the good, bad, the ugly then I can make an informed decision. My Momma Sharon was one the same. She was one of my girl’s moms, who have now passed. She not only knew how to be open with her own daughter, but as well with her besties. She let us know that we could always speak openly to her about anything. She never brought judgment or anger. She may have had a few choice words, but it was all in the way of guiding us to see all options. I believe communication helps people through so much, but we have to learn how to discuss things. The same as these two people were transparent with me is the same way I have had to become with God. I have given it all up to God. From the family that has wronged family, the friends that weren’t real friends, the people that stole from my father after his passing, the siblings that weren’t siblings until they felt it was convenient and forgiven myself for every mistake that I’ve made in my journey that was a repetition of something my family or circle has had strongholds from.

God has a way of tearing us down and opening us up like a budding flower to see things a different way. You may not feel like yourself while battling strongholds and that is normal. As your insides break down like leaves fall from a tree, you will have some break down moments and that is ok. As you make the decision to move forward and not let the stronghold conquer you; rely on the strength of God and know your faith will be tested along the way. Tell God your fears and trust in him to have your back. You will need to concede to him in the same way a new born babies relies on its parents for everything. You have to be willing to give in and share with him as you do your girls and your boys. Tell him your strongholds and watch him break every chain for you. Know and find the power in your tongue and actions. Believe God has more for you than your trials and tribulations…. There is power in the name of Jesus…. There is power in the name of Jesus. To break every chain, break every chain, break every chain. Lend an ear to Tasha Cobbs song –Break of Chain. It will get get your spirit ready. 

So I’ll leave with this… Are you aware of your strongholds? How do you overcome them?

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  1. Counselor Webb 10 years ago

    Yes!!! There power in His name. I am so glad you are not only sharing your personal strongholds and trials but sharing where you know your help and strength come from. I agree with you 100% , part of the battle is self forgiveness. Sometimes we won’t allow ourselves to move forward from our mistakes or the things we want or partake in that are no good for us. We feel like we just can’t let go.I have been there as well. I prayed and prayed and was asking for forgiveness and He put on my heart, I needed to forgive myself. I have. God is greater than any stronghold!! Thank you K Joi, for reminding us, there is GREATER power in the name of Jesus.

    1. Your welcome and thank you for sharing in your comment 🙂

  2. Can you tell us more about this? I’d like to find out some additional information.

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    1. Hi Leanna. Sure, what information would you like to know. Have you ever battled with strongholds?

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